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CO2 Fire Suppression

Fast, efficient and adaptable to a wide range of hazards, carbon dioxide fire suppression systems protect a variety of commercial and industrial facilities. This system smothers protected areas with a heavy blanket of CO2 to decrease the oxygen level so combustion cannot happen.

E & E FIRE Protection Group designs, installs and repairs CO2 systems for a variety of industrial and commercial industries, including power generation, metal production and processing, printing electronics/computer production, research facilities and marine systems.

Unique features and benefits:
  • Fast – Within seconds, CO2 penetrates entire hazard areas to smother fires.
  • Environmentally friendly – CO2 exists as a gas in the Earth's atmosphere. A by-product of combustion, its use has no environmental impact.
  • Nondamaging – CO2 is a clean agent fire protection system, does not cause spoilage, requires no cleanup and leaves no residue.
  • Nonconductive – Because it does not produce electricity, CO2 can be used for a wide variety of special applications.
  • Adaptive – CO2 is effective on a wide range of flammable and combustible materials.
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